£ 70

These in-ears use an effective noise-cancelling unit, and have a rich, detailed sound. They don't look great though...

£ 159

Featherlight 'phones that use real cherry wood to enhance their sound; awesomely detailed performers

£ 35

A reasonably detailed, if bass-light listen.

£ 45

The iGrados will give you a brillantly well-judged sound at an incedible price

£ 150

Many noise-cancelling headphones can sound soporific – not these, though, they pump out your music with gusto

£ 100

Noise isolating is excellent, but music sounds similarly closed-in.

£ 100

Superb, powerful-sounding noise-cancelling headphones. A bargain

£ 49

Folding, brightly coloured phones that sound bright and congested

£ 150

Transmit your iPod's sounds to your earphones wirelessly by bluetooth. An intimate, but ultimately unconvincing listen.

£ 190

A closed-back design with a neutral tone and a pleasing balance. They suffer, though, with clarity and resolution