HDMI and video cables


£ 110

Average HDMI cable, we'd expect more for the money

£ 50

It’s all-change for the HDMI-P, in a hugely positive way. This is a great HDMI cable

£ 105

This is one of the most accomplished and musical HDMI cables we’ve heard

£ 300

High-end home cinema deserves a good cable. This HDMI cable could just be it

£ 75

Looks like an expensive wire but unfortunately its performance doesn't justify the price

£ 169

For those who need a longer cable this 5m cable does a superb job

£ 180

There's something rather appealing about the finish of this HDMI cable

£ 110

This HDMI cable serves up a bright, punchy image

£ 130

Striking blue HDMI cable that serves up decent levels of detail

£ 40

The Liberace of HDMI cables but in reality 'looks aren't everything'