Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 48

The best-value stereo interconnect you can buy, and a 2007 Award winner

£ 40

Helps deliver a refined sound, but the dynamic range is less impressive than that of some rivals and bass is a little soft

£ 38

Looks sophisticated, and sounds it too, with a magnificent balance and dynamic range

£ 85

Not the prettiest interconnect, but bass is solid, treble incredibly well integrated and the sound exemplary

£ 80

A good cable in many ways, with deep and chunky bass, but a tad expensive

£ 25

Good value, and sound is speedy and detailed, but the highest and lowest frequencies don't marry as well as they should

£ 90

Thin, confused and aggresive - a very average performer

£ 141

Not cheap, but they will take your listening experience to a new level

£ 226

Authoritative and detailed, a real all-rounder, but it is 10 percent too pricey