Audio interconnects (analogue)


£ 35

The Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One can be terminated with RCA, XLR or DIN plugs

£ 66

It's been revamped four times now, but Chord's Cobra interconnect still proves to be a compelling listen, and in its new CobraPlus guise, vital

£ 45

After a minor spec change, Chord's already great Crimson just got even better for only a little more money

£ 65

Pit the G1000 against a class-leading cable like the Merlin Mozart and its shortcomings are fearful

£ 50

Fast, agile cable for MP3 use that does a fine job of relaying the nuances of music

£ 28

This cable is certainly cheap, and will be great for spicing up a dull system, but it lacks some much needed control and definition

£ 120

Atlas's austere looking Hyper 75 is more than competent, but we found it a little too guarded for our tastes

£ 69

Ixos's XHA-616 certainly feels solid and well made to the touch, but performance could be better

£ 37

Should be on any interconnect shortlist

£ 40

An excellent all-rounder that should work well in a wide range of systems