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Musical Fidelity V-DAC

Tested at £175

Attractive DAC with a decent range of connections, at a reasonable price

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  • Rich, detailed midrange
  • impressively sophisticated sound


  • Not for fans of pumping beats and basslines

This little DAC from Musical Fidelity might look a tad ‘functional', but it's fairly well built and has a decent range of connections.

There are inputs for coaxial and optical digital sources, and a square Type B USB input – so make sure you have the correct cable.

In performance, the V-DAC proves itself, on the whole, to be true to its maker's sonic style: despite the reasonable price tag it offers a rich, detailed midrange, with lots of instrumental and vocal colour.

If anything, this richness could get a bit much at times – especially as it means a degree of compromise when it comes to rhythmic precision. Fans of pumping beats and propulsive basslines will find something better for the money elsewhere.

That said, the V-DAC is an attractive product for a very reasonable price, and renders an impressively dense and sophisticated musical picture for such a cheap upgrade.

It only loses a fifth star because there are better all-rounders in its price class.

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