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Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

Tested at £999

Best floorstander £800-£1500, Awards 2013. These Special Edition speakers ooze fantastic all-round ability: they’re very special indeed

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  • Attractive finish
  • easy to level and adjust spikes
  • enthusiastic delivery
  • focus and precise-sounding
  • excellent detail and dynamics


  • The speaker cable terminals could be easier to read, but that’s it

For some of us, the phrase Special Edition sends a shudder down the spine. With reference to a car, images of painted alloys and go-faster stripes spring to mind.

So we’re hoping Tannoy’s DC6T SEs amount to more than just a pimped-up version of the much-loved, Award-winning Revolution DC6T, especially as they push pricing from £800 to just shy of a grand.

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Tannoy DC6T SE

Instead of alloy wheels, the Tannoys feature a new stabilising plinth, similar to the one on the firm’s forthcoming Precision range. It looks the part, complementing the speakers’ striking Espresso finish.

Sound qualityTannoy DC6T SE

Once you’re good to go, you’ll be blown away by the SEs. Compared with the standard DC6Ts you get an even greater sense of refinement.

Rhythmically, they’re astounding – they roll along to Mumford & Sons’ The Cave with an energy and even-handed enthusiasm, which rubs off on the listener.

They’re exciting without being over-eager – with a little toe-in, there’s an impressive focus to the soundstage, with instruments and vocals precisely placed.

Spin Kanye West’s Power and lows are weighty, but agility and precision come as part of the package too.

We found that bi-wiring gives a more open and expansive sound, although you do trade a little of that unerring cohesion.


If you’re looking for the best speakers under £1000 then it’s hard to look past these Tannoys. They build on an Award-wining design and take it to another level.

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