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Mission MX1

Tested at £150

Best stereo speakers up to £150, Awards 2010. It was a long wait but Mission has once again delivered a great budget speaker

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  • Exciting, detailed and punchy delivery
  • flexible over positioning
  • solid build


  • Won'
  • t flatter poor recordings
  • avoid bright-sounding electronics

It’s a bit hard to get too excited about the MX1s as you pull them from the box. 

True, the placement of the tweeter is quirky, but it’s nothing new for Mission, and while the build is solid, there’s nothing too aesthetically exciting.

The sound, however, is stunning: the Missions attack all music with ceaseless enthusiasm, which makes for a thrillingly vibrant delivery. 

The key is in the timing: the synthetic beats of James Blake’s The Wilhelm Scream start and stop with superb precision, and each vocal layer is well separated, which really glues the track together.

The MX1s sound best with their grilles on, and the best tonal balance is achieved close to a back wall, where the rear ports fill out the bass without causing booming – but they sound good almost anywhere. 

It’s fair to say that the treble, though generally sparkly and sweet, won’t flatter a bright recording, but we reckon that’s a price that most people will gladly pay.

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