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Grado iGi

Tested at £90

Balanced sound and an appealing tone make these headphones worth the price tag

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  • Sound is detailed, dynamic and exceptionally balanced


  • No inline mic for mobile phone users

Grado is more famed for its traditional, on-ear, hi-fi headphones, but it's a canny company when it comes to portable in-ears too.

The iGis produce an exceptionally balanced sound across the frequency range. There's a certain flavour to the sound, but it's a very appealing tone, which can be as exciting as it can be soothing depending on the type of track being played.

Spin Florence + The Machine's No Light, No Light and detail and dynamics are handed out in equal measure. The quiet, insightful moments concentrating on the vocal contrast well when the drum kicks into life.

There's no inline mic, which might put a few mobile phone users off, but they offer sufficient all-round ability to make them an excellent alternative to the Beyerdynamics - and worth the extra pennies.

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