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Acoustic Energy Neo V2

Tested at £400

A fine subwoofer at an affordable price that would improve most systems

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  • Smart finish
  • high-quality bass
  • agile sounding
  • good price


  • Lacks out and out drive

Acoustic Energy's NeoV2 comes in a rather splendid ‘Vermont' Walnut finish, although a Black Ash variant is readily available too.

The NeoV2 is a forward-firing, closed-box design with a 22cm pulp cone and 200W amplifier.

There's a Low Pass Filter and phase adjustment, and the sub also includes various ‘notch' adjustments to help level out bass boom at certain frequencies.

Play a heavy-hitting movie such as Gladiator and the NeoV2 doesn't have the out and out welly of some of the other models available, but what it lacks in quantity is made up for in the quality of bass produced.

Low frequencies sound tight, clearly defined and agile.

Play music and the sub can follow tricky basslines without a stumble. What you have here is a reasonably priced, expertly balanced subwoofer, which would be a cracking addition to a wide variety of systems.

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