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  1. Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2

    Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2

    Reviewed on 13th October 2014
    Price when reviewed £700

    Product of the Year, Awards 2014. The best at this price made better – the Stream Magic 6 V2’s added functionality makes this a better proposition than ever

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  2. Naim Mu-so

    Naim Mu-so

    Reviewed on 10th October 2014
    Price when reviewed £895

    Best wireless speaker £800+, Awards 2016. A hugely desirable wireless speaker with hi-fi aspirations, the Mu-so is stunning

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  3. Bluesound Powernode

    Bluesound Powernode

    Reviewed on 1st September 2014
    Price when reviewed £600

    Multi-room has finally come to hi-fi, and it’s been worth the wait for something this good

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  4. Wuaki. tv

    Wuaki. tv

    Reviewed on 28th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £6

    A poor video streaming service with few redeeming qualities

  5. Knowhow Movies

    Knowhow Movies

    Reviewed on 23rd May 2014

    Limited and over-priced; a service unprepared for the stiff competition

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  7. Google Play

    Google Play

    Reviewed on 19th May 2014

    Best video on-demand service, Awards 2014. An excellent on-demand video service that gets all the essentials right

  8. Apple iTunes Store

    Apple iTunes Store

    Reviewed on 15th May 2014

    Apple is as strong as ever, but that locked-down approach is getting old

  9. Blinkbox Movies

    Blinkbox Movies

    Reviewed on 13th May 2014

    A strong on-demand service for anyone who wants the newest releases

  10. Sky Now TV app

    Sky Now TV app

    Reviewed on 9th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £4.99

    A great way of getting the latest content without expensive individual purchases

  11. Napster


    Reviewed on 10th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £5

    A joy to use and discover music through, but its sound quality falls short