1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    We get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6's curvier sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge

  2. Samsung Galaxy S6

    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Samsung's flagship Galaxy S range is back and it's looking better than ever. We get hands on for some first impressions.

  3. Samsung Level In

    Samsung Level In

    A high price for headphones that are low in quality

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  4. Samsung Level-On

    Samsung Level-On

    These on-ears are disappointing and overpriced

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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Big on specs and on performance, the Note 4 is the best big-screen phone yet

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  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S

    The best from Samsung so far, but we need more in the audio and video stakes

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  8. Samsung UE40F6500

    Samsung UE40F6500

    Not a class leader, but this Samsung offers a lot for your money

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  9. Samsung HW-F750

    Samsung HW-F750

    A valiant effort to bring big sound to a compact unit, but one with some performance flaws

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  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The Note is the original phablet and, despite some promising competition, in this iteration it’s still the best

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  11. Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    The S5 is fast, powerful and the slickest Galaxy phone yet: but it’s not the best for audio or video and doesn’t quite have that wow factor

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    Available from £6.99