DVD recorders

Panasonic DMR-EX89

If you're after this sort of one-box solution, the Panasonic is a good option, but for the cash we'd like to see better functionality


Panasonic TX-L32S10

We expected better things from Panasonic than this underwhelming LCD

HDMI and video cables

Panasonic RP-CDHG15E-K

The Panasonic RP-CDHG15E-K is comprehensively beaten by a much cheaper cable


Panasonic TX-P42S10

The Panasonic TX-P42S10 is part of its new range of plasma TVs that offer solid and enjoyable, if not class-leading, performance


Panasonic TX-L26X10B

It's not perfect, but handles scale and depth with greater proficiency than most other 26in televisions

Home Cinema in a Box

Panasonic SC-BTX70

The 'BTX-70 does what it says on the tin, but we'd like it to do better to justify that price tag


Panasonic TX-P50G10

One of the cheaper Panasonic plasma's available, the TX-P50G10 does a lot right and features a very impressive spec sheet too


Panasonic TX-P50S10

There's not much to choose between Panasonic's 'S10 plasma and its sibling in the 'P' series - the 'G10

Home Cinema in a Box

Panasonic SC-BT200

In its SC-BT200, Panasonic has produced a system capable of delivering fantastic images and incredible sound


Panasonic TX-L32V10

At this sort of money, so-so performance just isn't good enough