The Chord Company updates its Crimson, Cobra and Chameleon interconnects

7 Jul 2013

Chord VEE 3 cables

Three of the core models in The Chord Company's interconnect cable range – Crimson, Cobra and Chameleon – have been upgraded with enhanced shielding and improved plugs using technology derived from the company's flagship Sarum cables.

All three are fitted with the new VEE 3 RCA plug, using a vibration eliminating enclosure made from ABS and textured for an easy grip when inserting or removing the plug.

The contacts are direct silver- or gold-plated, depending on model, the signal insulation is PTFE, and the plug is designed with an outer collar for 'precise high-pressure contact with RCA sockets', while the cable clamp, combined with the design of each cable, 'minimises the changes to cable impedance that can have a negative effect on sound quality'.

Chord Company Crimson VEE 3

The entry-level Crimson VEE 3 (above), which starts at £49 for a 0.5m pair, now has heavier-guage multistrand oxygen-free copper conductors in a twisted-pair configuration, insulated with low-density polyethylene with cotton-thread spacers, the whole assembly being wrapped in a layer of natural fibre.

New fully-floating 90% braided and 25% overlapped foil shielding improves signal protection, with a soft PVC internal shield for mechanical damping and a hard PVC outer jacket for protection.

A 1m pair of Crimson VEE 3 is £55, a 3m pair £89, with extra metres at £12.

Chord Company Cobra VEE 3

Cobra VEE uses silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors in a similar configuration to Crimson VEE 3, with the same shielding strategies.

It starts at £84 for a 0.5m pair, with a 1m pair at £95 and extra metres at £22.

Chord Company Chameleon VEE 3

Chameleon VEE 3 has a new conductor configuration which The Chord Company says 'dramatically improves dynamics, detail and timing'. 26 AWG silver-played multistrand OFC conductors are used in a single signal and twin return semi-floating configuration, said by the company to 'improve definition, timing and detail levels across all frequencies'.

Like the other new cables, Chameleon VEE 3 is available now, starting at £120 for a 0.5m pair. A 1m pair is £135, and each extra metre is £34.

All the cables are also available with XLR and Naim- and Quad-specific DIN terminations, and custom lengths are available to order.

Written by Andrew Everard

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No shame. I have pair of Crimson 0.5m, they look great, they sound great, they connect firmly.

It actually looks a good quality moulding for the connector, I don't think the resolution of the internet page does it justice.

They need to post hi-res pics.

It's a shame Chord don't put a little more attention into colour coordinating the plastic plugs with the rest of the cable.

I know cables are at the back of the system, but in some living rooms they are partially on display.

They look pretty cheap, which is a shame as I'm sure they sound fantastic.