Panasonic finally issues update for 'green blob' plasma problem

2 Feb 2012

Panasonic TX-P65VT30

Panasonic UK has finally come up with a solution for customers who complained about a 'green blob' or tinge appearing on some of its plasma TVs.

The issue first came to light in this thread on our Forums. It appears to affect some VT30 and GT30 models.

Panasonic UK replied on November 21st last year that it was looking into the problem. Today it has posted this message on

"As you may already be aware, we are currently in the process of contacting customers that have been in touch with us about the phenomenon described as ‘green tinge/magenta noise’. 

"Where applicable, we will arrange for a software update to be carried out on the television by a Panasonic Approved engineer.

"We would like to thank you for continuing to provide feedback with regards to this, both directly to us and on the forums. As a result of this, we have been able to work very closely with our factories to secure a panel update which significantly improves the ‘green tinge/magenta noise’ that some of you are seeing.

"While only a small number of you are affected by this, we have been working tirelessly to obtain this improvement for you. It is also though, of paramount importance to us that any update we provide does not impact on the performance of the TV in any other way, so we have also, as is normal practice, carried out rigorous testing of the update.

"Please note, this software is not available for customer download. It must be installed by a Panasonic Approved engineer.  If the software is not installed correctly, the set may become inoperable.

"If you are experiencing the ‘green tinge’ phenomenon and have not already contacted us, please do so using this webform: ensuring that green tinge is in the message."

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my GT30 seems to have a purple haze on the odd occasion in dark seens very rare though once a month i spot it ! Anyone else had purple instead of green or is mine a limited edition ? That said the set is tremendous....... not unlike jimmy hendrix !

Hope so... although my TV is not as extremely affected as some others I have seen, it is noticable on certain material, including the DVB menu etc, I have contacted Panasonic Via the link above, and still to get a response.

Hope others have had the update and feel its been effective. Do let us know.

Happy viewing Smile

Indeed. And it's refreshing that Panosonic is actually acknowledging the problem, and dealing with it, as opposed to resorting to its default 'flannel and denial' protocol re its annual glitch. (I write as Panosonic punter who had a plasma with the 'thin green line' syndrome.) 

Good news for Panosonic customers who have this problem. It is a good example of how internet forums can influence/alert manufacturers.  Let's hope the software works to everyones satisfaction.