With the price of consumer electronics dropping ever lower, but the quality remaining high, your kids' requests for the latest tech may not seem so outlandish...

And it's with that in mind that we've rounded up 10 of the best tech gifts for kids this Christmas. The emphasis is on keeping price down, but without compromising on quality. So, whether your Christmas list features turntables or wireless speakers, smartphones or streaming services, allow us to offer some inspiration...

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Available for £100

We haven't reviewed this kids-orientated tablet in Amazon's Fire series, but with a decent list of specs and a "kid-proof" case, it should be perfect for whatever your little ones can throw at it.

And if for whatever reason it does break, Amazon says it will replace it for free.


Five stars

Tested at £6 per month

From temperamental toddlers to terrible teens, Netflix has something for everyone. It features a dedicated, comprehensive section of TV shows and movies to keep children of all ages entertained. Because sometimes they might just want to stay in their room.

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Five stars

Tested at £10 per month

Spotify tends to be our go-to music streaming service, but it really is the obvious choice. For more discerning ears, we'd recommend CD-quality audio offerings from the likes of Qobuz or Tidal, but Spotify is perfect for kids.

It's easy to use, offers an extensive library and costs half the price - and there's also the free service with ads if you want to get them started without a monthly subscription.

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Moto G 4G (2nd Gen)

Want to keep tabs on your child with a cheap smartphone? Then look no further than the Moto G 4G (2nd Gen).

According to our sister site Stuff.tv, it's a terrific phone for the money, promising good build quality and a full HD screen. The Vodafone Smart Prime 6 may be better and cost less, but you need to be locked to Vodafone. The Motorola offers the best all-round performance.

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Apple iPod Touch (6th Gen)

Five stars

Tested at £330

If you don't want to let them loose with a smartphone just yet, the iPod Touch is one of the best dedicated media players available now. Everything runs buttery smooth and videos look marvellous on the Retina display, making it ideal for Netflix and Spotify on the move.

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Pro-Ject Elemental

Five stars

Tested at £150

Want your child to be a part of the recent vinyl renaissance? The Pro-Ject Elemental is a good first step and far better than the all-in-one record players you'll find on the high street. The simple design and plug-and-play set-up are ideal, and though changing from 33 to 45rpm is manual, the price and big performance more than make up for it.

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Roth OLi RA1

Five stars

Tested at £100

Need a pair of speakers to go with that turntable? These Roth OLi RA1s are perfect (though you'll also need an amplifier - we'd suggest the Onkyo A-9010). Small in size and low on price, the RA1s deliver impressive detail and dynamics. 

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Panasonic DMP-BDT370

Five stars

Tested at £100

Whether it's for the younger child's bedroom or for the eldest to take to college, this Panasonic Blu-ray player is the best 'basic' player we've come across. All the necessary functions are covered: for starters, there's great picture and sound, but with access to smart TV apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, it's also a great all-in-one solution.

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Microsoft Xbox One

Four stars

Tested at £430 

Does a games console feature on your child's Xmas wishlist? A Blu-ray player? Or perhaps a streamer that plays locally stored content on TV? How about killing three birds with one stone and getting an Xbox One?

The price of the Xbox has been cut recently, and there are some reasonably-priced bundles around. We've chosen the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 due to it being a more accomplished all-rounder and a multimedia powerhouse.

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Ultimate Ears Boom

Five stars

Tested at £170

The Boom is one of the best Bluetooth speakers to have passed through our testing rooms.

Not only does it have a fantastic sound for its smallish size, but a compatible app opens up a wealth of extra features including alarms and 'Double Play', which allows you to connect two Booms together for a bigger sound. It's waterproof and stain-resistant and has a 15-hour battery life - so it's truly portable. 

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