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Connection drop outs.

I have been sitting here trying to read reviews and threads all morning,  and my internet connection is driving me nuts!!

I have an Apple I Mac that i use with skys top Broadband package, and a Phillips wireless router.

The connection just drops at random every half an hour or so, and only comes back when i have switched off, then switched back on  the router at the plug.

Could someone with knowledge on wifi please advise me on what to do and how i can get a permanent connection when i am on line.


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Re: Connection drop outs.

(1) Leave it alone. Every time you disconnect your modem, the other end detects a fault and starts the process of 'training' your connection until it finds an optimal speed.

This can take ages. (Days even.)

(2) Call your ISP and get it sorted. (They may already know of a fault in your area.)

(3) Get cable broadband. 


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Re: Connection drop outs.

Have you had Sky broadband installed recently by any chance?

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Re: Connection drop outs.

Hi I had the same problem with my i mac not with my windows laptop,I could not sort it out my self,it drove me nuts as well.I am now connected with ethernet cable,as I was heading to the funny farm.
I did contact sky and they said that unless I was unable to connect at that time they could not help.
Some google sites say it is sky router and some say it is apple problem,if you manage to sort it please post,thanks.
One last thing my iphone,two ipod touch"s and my new i pad all do the same to a lesser effect.

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Re: Connection drop outs.

Firewall on the router?

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Re: Connection drop outs.

Hi,what setting should it be on.
i.e inbound and outbound.

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Re: Connection drop outs.

Interference form other wireless networks etc?

Can you get into the router set up and manually select a different frequency band and see how you go.

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