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Polythene Record Covers

Hi all, seems like a daft question but where would be best place to purchase the polythene sleeves for records (ones for the outside of covers). There does appear to be ones which are called Blake but only available from the US and the shipping fees are astronimical so after recommendations on ones which can be brought online in UK...

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RE: Polythene Record Covers
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RE: Polythene Record Covers
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Polythene Record Covers

I've used these many times, excellent quality and service. Don't really see the need for the thicker gauge covers, although I have used them too.



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RE: Polythene Record Covers

I used Covers33  last time I needed some, they have quite a large product range for vinyl, CD & DVD sleeves, cases etc.



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RE: Polythene Record Covers

Many thanks all, I went with Joe's recommendation and ordered these for starters...



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