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Vortexbox, Vortexbox

As a long term user of the Vortexbox sotware, and a fan, simply because mine has performed flawlessly since I have had it on my server, I thought that I would post that Vortexbox has posted a new software update. From their web site: http://www.vortexbox.co.uk/

Now with V2.3 software (Apr 2014)

  -  Multi-function Music Server/Streamer with Bit Perfect Operation
  -  Automatic CD Ripping, Automatic Indexing, Album Cover-art download
  -  Stream Music/Video to Multiple Devices*, inc radio (+ Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Napster)
  -  Output to SONOS network players in multiple rooms
  -  Stream UPnP/DLNA to NAIM, Linn, Cyrus, Marrantz, Linn,  Pioneer, Denon etc
  -  Use external USB DACs up-to 192Khz/24 bit (and to DSD 128 with suitable DAC)
  -  192k/24bit on-board analogue output for amp/powered speakers
  -  'Airplay' option allows Apple devices to play wirelessly to VB attached players
  -  Incremental back-up your music and other files to removable USB hard-drive 
  -  VortexboxUK, Low Noise, Energy Efficient Systems

It is worth noting that these updates make their boxes very good value, considering what other commercial servers are offering. IMHO, the software writers are also excellent at solving problems and they install reliable hard drives etc in their boxes. So it is worth considering these if you are looking for a new server.

I am in no way connected with Vortexbox UK other than as a user/customer.