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RE: Rega brio-r, Audiolab 8200A or Cambridge 651A

radiorog wrote:

 oh...and I think it looks amazing too! I've read a few peoples negative opinions, but i think it looks as good as it sounds...pure and simple. (and to anyone concerened, the red rega logo and light do not make the room glow red in the dark. I guess red light is much softer than say blue, which does light up a room slightly. compared to the tiny blue dot on my cd player, which clearly emits light in the dark, the rega logo produces no excess light. very nice!).



I think the Brio-R looks quite quirky. My only criticism is regards the new 'R' CDPs - they look too stealthy IMO.

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RE: Rega brio-r, Audiolab 8200A or Cambridge 651A

 it is a slightly unusual design, i can't say i dislike it. it does look like it might avoid radar detection though yes.  ROFL

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