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Internet Radio Favourites


Anyone any recommendations for favourite radio stations on the internet? Got the facility built into my AV amp and would like to try it out.

I've listened to some Radio 1 but would like any suggestions for additional channels to listen to. If you could, include the URL so I can type it in the amp please.

My musical taste is varied - pop/rock etc. I don't like classical/opera.



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Re: Internet Radio Favourites

Monkey Radio.

the little audio company

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Re: Internet Radio Favourites

I've always been a fan of pig radio. It's from Italy and it plays mostly dance with a smattering of indie. It's guaranteed to play something completely left-field every few songs, and it has definite moods from relatively calm to seriously hyper. Recommended.

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RE: Digital and analogue radio

Any other animal related recommendations?
Or not, i' d love more people to paste on this thread as the choice is too big currently
FiP is very good of course

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RE: Digital and analogue radio


Excellent sound quality and eclectic sounds  Smile

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RE: Internet Radio Favourites

Try Radio IO

Over 60 radio channels covering all sorts of popular music genres (various types or eras of rock, pop, R&B etc. )


Home page - http://www.radioio.com/

List of channels - http://www.radioio.com/genre/all-channels/



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RE: Internet Radio Favourites

I'm a classic rock fan and have a dozen stations saved to favorites on my new Squeezebox. The best, IMHO, for both sound and content, is 181.FM the Eagle (from Waynebrough? VA), accessed via Tunein app. Only 128kbps stream, MP3 I think, but very good dynamic range and tone. Other ears might disagree! BTW, Squeezebox sounds better wired via ethernet verses WiFi - again IMHO. Happy listening.

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