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Which Blu ray surround sound system to choose? Wireless rear speakers and SkyHD connectivity

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Hi Experts


I'm looking to get a Blu-ray surround sound system with the following requirements:

* Front and rear tallboy speakers

* Wireless rear speakers

* HDMI In to connect a Sky HD box to

* Cost of around £500 (ideally less)



* Ipod dock


Also what connectors would I need to connect the Sky HD box to the unit to get the full 5.1 effect? I've heard that an HDMI cable is not enough


Thanks for your help!

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RE: Which Blu ray surround sound system to choose?

Hi i couldn't really advise which system to go for as i havent really had much experience with them. As for the sky hd box, you will need an optical digital toslink cable to connect from the sky hd box optical digital output, to the optical digital input on the blu ray home cinema system.

The sky box will send a Dolby Digital Surround Sound signal via this cable for your home cinema system to decode.

HDMI in on the home cinema system shouldn't be a deal breaker as you could just plug the sky hd box directly into your tv if you have spare hdmi inputs on there. Hope this helps!!




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