Panasonic reveals 2008 line-up at Abbey Road Studios

Wed, 11 Jun 2008, 12:48pm

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Panasonic showed its new Blu-ray range at Abbey Road studios last night, alongside a full range of Freesat TVs, a new AV amp and a preview of the first ever Disney Blu-ray release with BD Live functions.

Panasonic Andrew DenhamIntroducing the new range of Freesat TVs (read the first review here) UK Marketing Director Andrew Denham (left) showed an impressive live BBC HD broadcast of the Russia v Spain Euro 2008 match.

Commenting on the new range, Denham said “It’s about the home network, it’s about the home hub” before showing some HD camera stills and footage passed to the TV using the SD card socket.

He went on to explain that the range features two tuners, both Freesat and Freeview, mentioning that the Freeview tuner also analogue capability built-in. Recordable Freesat products were talked about, too, Panasonic saying it was considering PVR options for the future. It pointed out that, at present, Freesat HD broadcasts can only be recorded in standard definition.

In the famed Studio 2, once home to recording sessions by The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Panasonic revealed the SC-BT100 Blu-ray-in-a-box home cinema system (below).

Due for release later this month at £699, It’s a 3.1-channel system, upgradable to 5.1- or a 7.1-channel with the addition of SB-HS100A speakers and a SH-FX67 wireless kit.

As well as Viera Link technology, the system has a simple set-up mode and an iPod link, which allows you to place your iPod in front of the Blu-ray slot and control it via the main remote. Playlists, albums and all MP3s are sucked from your iPod and displayed on the TV screen in an iTunes style format.


The new £500 DMP-BD50 Blu-ray player includes Profile 2.0 BD Live capability, and also has an SD card slot which can store downloaded content. The first film to offer download functions will be Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, which will also allow email style chat and video messaging functions during playback.

We’re expecting a sample of the DMP-BD50 in the office tomorrow and a full review will follow.

Completing the line-up is the SA-BX500 AV receiver (below), due later this month. Claiming 7 x 130W output, it can handle both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio formats and allows both biwire and biamp configurations.

Three HDMI inputs are accompanied by six more AV inputs, and the receiver is billed as iPod ready, though you’ll need a dock.


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Any more info on the receiver??

From Pana...

1.3 HDMI 'socketry', is compatible with the latest Deep Colour and x.v.Colour technology

Rear Wireless or Multi-Room Wireless via the SH-FX67 speakers

More as we get it.

Will the receiver be Profile 2.0?

Marc P,

Only if you can find somewhere to push a disc in

any indication of cost of the av reciever?

Oops sorry shame shame, should be the SC-BT100, will that be Profile 2.0

No, 1.1.

I popped into my local Shop @ Panasonic today and they confirmed that the new Blu-ray player, the DMP-BD50 will have a shop price of £449 although anyone pre-ordering one can claim a £50 discount!  Obviously, Panasonic realise that their few months of monopoly of the profile 1.1 (and 2.Innocent standalone Blu-ray player market has come to and end, so a much more aggresive pricing policy is the order of the day!   The initial shipment will be for 2,000 BD50s, so get your skates on for one at the bargain price of £399.  The shop also said that the RRP for the BD30 looks like it has come down to £299 now!  It also looks like there will be LCD/Plasma and Blu-ray player 'bundle/deals' later in the year.  With new players from Samsung, Philips, Pioneer and Sony amongst others hitting the stores shortly, prices should come down further!

my local shop@panasonic with do the 50"pz800 and bd50 for 2500.00 with a five year waranty on the plasma. this makes (with my dodgy maths) the bd50 only 250 quid!!

what about Blue Ray Recorders?

with so much HD source around it is a pity to settle for SD recording. I think Panasonic should have upgraded the BD30 player to one with 80gb hardisk with Blue Ray recording capability rather launching a new player. the BR recorders are clearly neglected by all manufacurers.

Proteus 1000 - comment from Panasonic re Blu-ray recorders earlier this year: