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Q Acoustics 2020

Tested at £140

Great speakers that have been pushed out by newer, even better rivals

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  • Big presentation
  • great weight and dynamic fluidity
  • smooth, detailed vocals


  • Don’t quite match the best in class for punch

Although not particularly tall or wide, the Q Acoustics 2020s have deep cabinets. 

That probably won’t make much difference if you’re putting them on stands, but if they’re bookshelf-bound, you’d better make sure they’ll fit first.

The good news is that there’s no right or wrong answer where positioning is concerned. 

You get extra weight near a wall and extra speed when in space, but neither is bad, so you can pick what suits. 

They’re neat, too, with bi-wirable speaker terminals sited underneath.

The 2020s major in scale and weight, which works wonderfully with the big sweeping soundtrack from Inception. They’ve a lovely, delicate way with vocals, too. 

Play some full-on beat-based music from the likes of The XX, though, and the Qs come a touch unstuck, with that slightly rounded-off approach depriving you of a little of the intended impact. 

Still, if that kind of thing’s not your bag you can buy the 2020s with confidence. 

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