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van den Hul Flat HDMI (3m) review

This is one of the most accomplished and musical HDMI cables we’ve heard Tested at £105.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

One of the most accomplished and musical HDMI cables we’ve ever heard. A superb upgrade


  • Crystal clear picture
  • excellent detail levels
  • smooth with motion
  • refined, natural sound


  • Nothing at all

As you'd expect from a cable named the Flat, this HDMI offering from Van den Hul is slimline. Its flexible form means that you can manipulate it into all kinds of positions.

This versatility is ideal for the cramped areas you tend to find around the back of an AV rack, where space is at a premium and cables jostle for position.

The Flat meets HDMI v1.3 standards, so is fully compatible with all HD Audio formats, as well as Deep Colour and xvYCC. It's enshrouded in a Hulliflex jacket and is fitted with gold-plated contacts.

Clear, free-flowing images
And it's soon apparent that this cable is special. Images boast amazing clarity and there's hardly any trace of noise. The cable has a firm grip on motion and allows for a fantastic smooth and free-flowing image during the opening chase of Casino Royale.

The Flat also produces a punchy picture that's lively, vivid and a real feast for your eyes.

Sonically, the Flat is anything but. It's pleasingly dynamic, entertaining and one of the most musical HDMI cables that weve come across.

Explosions are taut and well-defined, gunfire and dialogue sounds natural and in general, the cable digs up plenty of detail from movie soundtracks. Overall, then, the Flat is a superb cable and a real contender for one of this year's Awards.