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Spectral Closed CL1552 review

If money isn’t an issue, then you won’t be disappointed Tested at £1800.00

Our Verdict

Decent (thoughnot perfect) abilities are matched with awesome style, making for a great equipment rack


  • Awesome looks and build
  • combination of open and closed shelving adds to its flexibility


  • Massive
  • very expensive
  • not the last word in ability

You'll have to think carefully whether £1800 is too much to spend on a rack. But, if you decide to part with your money, you won't be disappointed.

The CL1552 looks amazing but it's also super-sturdy and built like an AV tank.
It's not just a pretty face either. You get an integrated cable management system, plus thoughtful mesh panels that go on the back of each shelf to help with ventilation.

Keep an eye on heat levels if you choose to run equipment with the doors closed, and remember you'll also need a remote relay to control your hidden kit.

Laden with all manner of kit, the Spectral produces, crisp, clean pictures and a very commendable sonic performance too.

If money isn't an option then you won't be disappointed.