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Seiki U-Vision HDMI upscales HD to 4K Ultra HD

Seiki 4K HDMI cable

Seiki has launched the U-Vision HDMI cable and adapter - accessories that upscale 1080p HD content to 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Seiki is known for its budget 4K TVs – there are 55, 58, 65 and 85 inch UHD sets for 2014, starting from $1500 – but the TVs have received mixed reports for their upscaling ability with non-4K content.

This external upscaling HDMI cable claims to rectify this, delivering better results from non-4K sources and going some small way to dealing with the lack of 4K content. At least that's their theory.

The Seiki U-Vision HDMI up-conversion cable will go on sale in Q1 2014 in the US at $40.

An up-conversion adapter that will up-convert 1080p to 4K and 720p to 1080p will follow in Q2. Seiki also claims "real-time detail enhancement, edge restoration and noise reduction" for the cable.

Frank Kendzora, executive vice president at Seiki, said: "Seiki aims to speed up the adoption of the new Ultra HD TV standard with more 4K content enabled by one of the best up-conversion technologies available today."

Seiki has confirmed its 4K TV line-up for 2014, the 55 inch SE55UY06, 58in SE58UY06, 65in SE65UY06 and 85in SE85UY06.

We're expecting to see a whole host of new 4K TVs on display at CES 2014, though the amount of 4K Ultra HD content available will no doubt once again be the elephant in the room.

by Joe Cox

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