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NEWS: Musical Fidelity supersizes its Supercharger

Just a few months after unleashing its 550K Supercharger amplifiers, designed to be used between existing amps and your speakers, Musical Fidelity is now launching an even more powerful version.

The 750K Superchargers use exactly the same circuitry found in the company's kW750 amplifier, and deliver over 1kW of dynamic power, with a peak capability of 3kW. That should wake your speakers up!

The new amps have three inputs - line, balanced and speaker level - and use the same signal-sensing power on/off found in the 550K.

The company says they make a fine partner for the new A1 integrated amplifier, and can deliver a 'sweet and light' sound, with 'very extended and tight bass', a 'deep and wide' soundstage and 'awe inspiring' dynamics.

The Superchargers deliver 260amps peak to peak current, and a peak output of 120V. Available from late February, they'll sell in the UK for £2499 each.

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