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Creative ZiiSound D5x review

An enjoyably musical wireless Bluetooth system Tested at £260

Our Verdict

A good wireless system; enjoyably musical, and good to use with an iPod remotely


  • Wireless
  • allows iPod to be used as a remote control
  • easy to setup
  • enjoyable listen


  • Could do with a little more definition and openness

Creative has brought out a modular update to its ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth wireless iPod dock system.

The new Creative ZiiSound D5x carries on with the same high quality aptX codec streaming, but it now also has the facility to allow the wireless linking of additional speaker modules, such as the D5 speakers and the DSx subwoofer (below) – up to a 3.1 configuration for multi-channel and multi-room modes.

Creative ZiiSound D5x: Bluetooth aptX

The BT-D5 transmitter is a key ingredient: insert it into your iPhone or iPod to give them Bluetooth aptX capabilities.

It also means that you can walk away from the dock with your iPod in hand, so you can retain the intuitive functionality of using your iPod to control music. Or, of course, it slots into the dock and charges your iPod while playing.

The neat one- piece chassis is encased in a matte black mesh, and weighs a dainty 2.4kg. To adjust the volume, you just glide your finger along a touch panel, which is rather slick and cool to use.

Creative ziiSound sub

Creative ziiSound sub

All stereo Bluetooth compatible iPods and iPhones can be played wirelessly, while you can also use the 3.5mm cable to connect non-Apple players to the auxiliary input.

To stream music from your computer, you’ll have to buy a BT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter.

Creative ZiiSound D5x: Sound quality

So how does it sound? Well, bearing in mind that it’s wireless, the D5x delivers decent amounts of detail and is pleasantly rhythmic. Stream Sbtrkt’s Wildfire, and you’ll get rich bass with a solid midrange.

The treble is slightly clipped, which takes away the finer nuances of vocals, but the overall even tone makes it enjoyable to listen to.

There are cheaper rivals that have a more expansive soundstage and better detail, but if it’s a wireless dock you’re after, the D5x is a great option that sounds good while being flexible and easy to live with.

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