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Tivoli Audio Music System Three+ review

A decent portable device, but the price tag does not reflect the sound - it should be a lot better Tested at £250

Our Verdict

A decent portable device, but the price tag does not reflect the sound - it should be a lot better


  • Solid build
  • Portable
  • Built-in battery


  • Poor sound quality

We’re never sure what to expect from Tivoli these days. Our recent experience has ranged from very good to not-so-good. What of the Audio Music System Three+?

Well, we think it’s a decent, if pricey, offering.


Its dimensions (12x29x13cm) and weight (1.89kg) mean you won’t stick this Tivoli music system in a handbag, but a cavity built into the back does act as a handle so it is portable (this doubles as a storage space for the credit card-type remote control).

It also has a built-in battery that frees you from the mains. It lasts up to 20 hours. A full charge takes 12 hours, but Tivoli says it can reach 75 per cent in three hours. The Music System Three+ is designed for indoor and outdoor use, so feel free to take it out into the garden.

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Build and design

We’re not blown away by the design. The Tivoli is a rectangular block, made with black or white plastic. The buttons are a little cramped considering there aren’t that many of them (the presets are on the remote). The only outstanding element is the power button/volume dial made of brushed metal.

Still, it’s solidly put together with no creaking anywhere. The Three+ has DAB/DAB+ and FM tuners, while there’s also Bluetooth, an auxiliary 3.5mm input and a headphone output.

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The sound via the two three-inch drivers is passable and fairly spacious for a portable device, delivering decent power. But it’s boomy, and not very clear.

The treble is thin and fuzzy, the midrange is hollow and recessed, and the bass lacks definition. We're not that enthused, as you can hear...


The Music System 3+ is not a terrible purchase, but it is an expensive one.

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