Our Verdict 
It's well built, well specified, and offers an evolution in performance
Good build
good display
iPod input
real excitement and drive
Nothing of note
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This is the latest incarnation of Pure's bigger, stereo table-top radio, and frankly, it's a beauty.

In design terms it doesn't reinvent the wheel, but with solid build, good OLED display and revamped ‘Clearsound' amp technology, it offers a clear evolution in sonic performance.

It has ‘ReVu' – so you can pause and rewind live radio, as well as useful alarm and sleep timer functions.

There's also a dedicated input for an iPod or other MP3 player. The more eco-minded among you will also be pleased to learn it's part of Pure's EcoPlus range.

Most importantly, it offers an intensely vibrant and chunky sound, with impressive dynamics for a radio of this type. Reasonably precise and accurate with voices, it specialises in fabulous excitement and drive.

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