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  1. Benchmark DAC3 HGC

    Benchmark DAC3 HGC

    Reviewed on 10th March 2017
    Price when reviewed £2350

    Looks can be deceiving, as this well-equipped and fine-sounding DAC shows

  2. Meridian Explorer 2

    Meridian Explorer 2

    Reviewed on 8th February 2017
    Price when reviewed £130

    An appealing and agreeable budget DAC, and the first of its kind to offer MQA support...

  3. Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Reviewed on 19th January 2017
    Price when reviewed £1640

    Sony's desktop DAC is packed with features and clever technology...

  4. Copland DAC 215

    Copland DAC 215

    Reviewed on 18th November 2016
    Price when reviewed £2000

    With a good source, this DAC delivers an immensely clear and likeable sound

  5. Oppo HA-2 SE

    Oppo HA-2 SE

    Reviewed on 3rd October 2016
    Price when reviewed £290

    One of the budget DAC market’s most important offerings...

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  7. Arcam MusicBoost S

    Arcam MusicBoost S

    Reviewed on 26th August 2016
    Price when reviewed £99

    Give your iPhone a Boost with this handy headphone amp, DAC and charger

  8. Henry Audio USB DAC 128 MkII

    Henry Audio USB DAC 128 MkII

    Reviewed on 20th July 2016
    Price when reviewed £159

    An interesting idea but there are better options available

  9. Leema Libra

    Leema Libra

    Reviewed on 13th July 2016
    Price when reviewed £5995

    The Leema Libra needs a little more sonic sparkle to be our perfect DAC...

  10. Chord DAVE

    Chord DAVE

    Reviewed on 27th June 2016
    Price when reviewed £7995

    Eight grand is a high price tag for a DAC, but the DAVE more than merits it...

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  11. Audiolab M-DAC+

    Audiolab M-DAC+

    Reviewed on 24th June 2016
    Price when reviewed £800

    Plus-sized DAC has a lot to live up to, and does so in a grand manner