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  1. QED Performance Audio 2

    QED Performance Audio 2

    Reviewed on 18th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £40

    Agile, fun and nuanced, the QED would do well in pretty much any system

  2. Furutech Alpha Line-1

    Furutech Alpha Line-1

    Reviewed on 14th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £80

    Furutech's Alpha Line-1 interconnect can polish rough sonic edges

  3. Chord Company Chameleon Plus

    Chord Company Chameleon Plus

    Reviewed on 2nd December 2010
    Price when reviewed £125

    Chord's accomplished Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect has been reborn as the equally accomplished Chameleon Plus

  4. Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One

    Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One

    Reviewed on 11th October 2010
    Price when reviewed £35

    The Clearer Audio Copperline Alpha One can be terminated with RCA, XLR or DIN plugs

  5. QED Profile HDMI

    QED Profile HDMI

    Reviewed on 20th September 2010
    Price when reviewed £25

    The QED Profile HDMI cable has been bought up to date spec-wise and still punches above its budget price tag

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  7. Chord Company CobraPlus

    Chord Company CobraPlus

    Reviewed on 17th September 2010
    Price when reviewed £66

    It's been revamped four times now, but Chord's Cobra interconnect still proves to be a compelling listen, and in its new CobraPlus guise, vital

  8. Chord Company CrimsonPlus

    Chord Company CrimsonPlus

    Reviewed on 8th June 2010
    Price when reviewed £45

    After a minor spec change, Chord's already great Crimson just got even better for only a little more money

  9. Vivanco SHQ Ultra

    Vivanco SHQ Ultra

    Reviewed on 18th May 2010
    Price when reviewed £80

    Vivanco's SHQ Ultra HDMI 1.4 cable certainly proves to be an enjoyable watch, but it could lose some of its reservation

  10. Mark Grant G1000

    Mark Grant G1000

    Reviewed on 16th February 2010
    Price when reviewed £65

    Pit the G1000 against a class-leading cable like the Merlin Mozart and its shortcomings are fearful

  11. QED J2P

    QED J2P

    Reviewed on 28th November 2009
    Price when reviewed £50

    Fast, agile cable for MP3 use that does a fine job of relaying the nuances of music