Our Verdict 
Excellent speakers that sound great with all types of music. Need loads of running-in, mind
Great dynamics and insight
fine timing
solid build
Plain appearance
need care in system-matching
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These ProAcs take an age to run in. In fact, ours took over 70 hours before they clicked. But once that's done, you'll enjoy chameleon-like speakers, capable of playing just about every genre of music with the utmost skill.

The 130s have the ProAc Studio family sound: they're dynamic, detailed and insightful – but like other models in the range, the tonal balance hints at brashness at the top end. However, they're refined enough, so this isn't a problem in all but the most aggressive of systems.

Positioned out into the room and toed-in, these towers are transparent enough to distinguish the open, natural quality of Bruce Springsteen's The Seeger Sessions, but also deliver the punchy bass and rapid-fire rhythms of Wyclef Jean's The Ecleftic.

Sure, you can buy flashier-looking speakers for the money, but if sound quality is important – and let's face it, it should be – then the Studio 130s must be auditioned.