Our Verdict 
Class-leading performance from an ordinary looking loudspeaker
A superbly balanced sonic presentation
fine build quality
Appearance isn’t as impressive as some
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It's easy to feel a little underwhelmed by a product such as the D Two – it just looks so ordinary, and the ingredients are conventional, too. No fancy cabinet materials or shapes here, and no headline-grabbing drive-unit technology.

Look beyond the obvious, though, and you'll find much care has gone into the engineering. The drivers, for example, are high-quality units designed for performance rather than keeping the marketing people happy, and those ordinary-looking cabinets, as well as coming in a choice of six real-wood veneers, are made of different types and thicknesses of wood. Few manufacturers go to such lengths.

All about balanceSo how do the ProAcs sound? In a word: wonderful. These speakers are all about balance. No part of the frequency range intrudes, and dynamics, timing and stereo imaging are spot-on. Whether you listen to Mahler or Mos Def, the D Twos sound right at home, with just the right mix of refinement, drive and finesse to keep most people happy.

Just make sure you use a heavyweight stand like Partington's Dreadnought Broadsides (£270) and position the speakers out into the room.

You might find similarly priced speakers that impress more on a short demo, but we doubt there's many that will please as much in the long run.