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Ideal for use with budget displays and DVD players, the Thor is a very decent cable for not much cash
Connection options
excellent video
Could be more colourful
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There's no doubt about it, the HDMI cable is rapidly moving towards ubiquity. Initially an exotic rarity reserved for high-end DVD players and projectors, the all-digital video and audio connector is now a key socket for every new TV, besides being found on a wide range of video sources, from £99 DVD players to Sky's high-definition digibox.

Philex's Thor 26600T looks to be well-placed to exploit this growth. At just £25, it's modestly priced given the high standards of fit and finish on offer, and at five metres it offers a healthy length of HDMI for the cash. Usefully, two HDMI-DVI adaptors are included, giving you maximum connection flexibility.

And the performance? Given the price, very good indeed. Black levels are fine, noise is all-but-absent, and edge definition is first-rate. You'll notice more 'vital', vivid colours on pricier cables, but in the main, the Thor bears comparison with some more illustrious rivals. It sounds OK, too – making this £25 design a fine value-for-money solution.