WireWorld Chroma Miami Edition HDMI
WireWorld has named its latest Chroma HDMI cable the 'Miami Edition'

The names manufacturers come up with for their hi-fi and AV cables never cease to amuse us. Who can ever forget the gloriously titled van den Hul Optocoupler?

Now it's the turn of WireWorld, which has christened its latest Chroma HDMI cable the 'Miami Edition'. Quite what it has in common with the famous US city we're at a loss to explain, but here are the technical details.

It's a flat construction design with die-cast connectors, exceeds the HDMI 1.3b CAT2 standard we're told and costs £59.95 for an 0.8m length.

The proprietary cable terminations are designed to maintain 100-Ohm impedance all the way to the plug contacts, which are clad with a thick layer of silver under the gold plating.

WireWorld claims the flat cable design "results in significantly lower loss and higher precision than the conventional round HDMI cable design".

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