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The Week in HD – Monday 21st July

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Monday 21st July

The Lego Movie - Blu ray

From the people behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the 21 Jump Street films, The Lego Movie promised anarchic thrills spliced with some playful deconstruction of genre tropes.

Judging by the reviews and box office performance, it certainly hit the spot, blending zany humour with spectacular visuals. Read our Lego Movie Blu ray release to see if this disc is worth your time (spoiler: we think it is).

Need for Speed – Blu ray

There aren't many good films made out of video games and Need for Speed fell foul of the same problems we've seen all too often. Still, the action sequences are still pretty impressive even if the story is stuck in first gear.

The Zero Theorem – Blu ray

Terry Gilliam's latest is another wacky effort that sees Christoph Waltz's Qohen Leth explore the meaning of human existence only to be continually distracted by Management (the people he works for) via an annoying teenager and lusty love interest.

It's a Gilliam film so it's bound to expect equal parts bonkers and profound.

Ray Donovan Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Yo Soy Capitan. Ray Donovan is a fixer. Not of ovens and leaky faucets, but a man who can make people's problems disappear for a price. In this premiere for the second season Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is being investigated by an FBI agent after the death of a key character at the end of last season.

Tuesday 22nd July

Hannibal – Pick of the day, Sky Atlantic HD

Hannibal – Pick of the day, Sky Atlantic HD

Hannibal Sky Living HD, 10pm

Tome-wan. The penultimate episode of what's been another terrific season of Hannibal. Tome-wan sees Will have a dream about how he would kill Hannibal as a surprise witness is enlisted to help him catch the man-eater himself.

Utopia Channel 4HD, 10pm

Episode 3 of this conspiracy series finds the gang on the run as they come across a young hacker who may have the key to uncovering The Network's new plan.

True Blood FOX HD, 10pm

Fire In The Hole. We're hoping for a lot more from True Blood after a few disappointing seasons. This time Sookie comes up with a plan to take down the H+ vamps, despite the significant threat they pose to the people of Bon Temps.

Wednesday 23rd July

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – Pick of the day, BBC One HD, 8pm

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – Pick of the day, BBC One HD, 8pm

Commonwealth Games BBC One HD, 8pm

Opening Ceremony. The Commonwealth Games kicks off as England (not Team Great Britain) will be looking to triumph against their near neighbours and countries from across the world. Past Commonwealth Games have seen teams arrive without some of their superstar personnel but we're hoping for a better turnout this time.

All eyes will be on Usain Bolt as he looks to add Commonwealth titles to his long list of sporting accolades.

Silicon Valley Sky Atlantic HD, 10pm

The Cap Table. It's the new show from Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, and there's a similar, slightly larger than life vibe about this show too. Taking aim at the male-dominated culture of California's Silicon Valley, it's a funny look at an industry that's slowly taking over the world, one idea at a time.

Veep Sky Atlantic HD, 10.30pm

The Choice. Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is forced into a tight corner when the President's new stance on abortion forces her to reconsider her own.

Thursday 24th July

Louie – Pick of the day – Fox HD, 11pm

Louie – Pick of the day – Fox HD, 11pm

Louie Fox HD, 11pm

In the Woods: Part 2. Another show that's entering its final stretch. Into the Woods sees Louie reflect on his past when his young son's drug problem starts to escalate.

Almost Human Watch HD, 10pm

Beholder. In a slightly creepy episode of this futuristic buddy cop show, Kennex and Dorian are on the hunt for a killer who appears to be stealing the DNA of his victims.

Friday 25th July

True Lies – Pick of the day, More4HD 9pm

True Lies – Pick of the day, More4HD 9pm

True Lies More4 HD, 9pm

Back before when James Cameron was known more for his action films than his enviromentalism, he was pumping out ridiculous macho-fests like True Lies.

Take this film seriously and you're likely to be offended. Watch it with tongue firmly in cheek, and it's a madcap action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the height of his leading man powers.

Prince: A Purple Reign BBC Four HD, 11.30pm

The second of a four-part documentary on the legendary popstar that explores how he changed the landscape of music in the 80s.

Saturday 26th July

Tour de France 2014 Live ITV4 HD, 2pm

Stage 20. It's the penultimate day of the Tour de France and it features the one and only sprint race on the tour.

It's the set-up for the grand finish and with all the main favourites crashing out, could we see someone totally unexpected take the Yellow Jersey?

Up in the Air BBC Two HD, 10.30pm

A terrific film featuring a great George Clooney performance. Up in the Air follows his Ryan Bingham, a man who travels round the country firing people for a living, until he finds his cushy, no-frills lifestyle upset by a love interest in the form Vera Farmiga's spiky Alex.

A very good film about discovering what you want from life.

Sunday 27th July

Hungary Grand Prix – Pick of the day, Sky Sports Formula One, 12pm

Hungary Grand Prix – Pick of the day, Sky Sports Formula One, 12pm

Live Hungarian F1 Grand Prix Sky Sports Formula One, 12pm

We're now into the second half of the Formula One season and despite Lewis Hamilton's recent qualifying problems, he's not too far behind his teammate in the standings.

He'll be hoping he can close the gap even further by winning at the Hungaroaring circuit as we edge closer to the summer break.

Constantine Sky Movies HD: Sci-fi & Thriller, 12pm

There's a new Constantine arriving on TV screens but this version of the DC comic wasn't a shabby adaptation at all.

Moving the story to a noir-infused Los Angeles, it looks terrific, features another of Tilda Swinton's androgynous performances and a decent Keanu Reeves performance to boot.

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