But it might be more Jar Jar Binks than Jedi...

We don’t quite know why but Toshiba has teamed up with Lucasfilm for a 24in HD-ready Star Wars-themed TV. 

And the “theme” doesn’t end with the questionably decorated TV frame you can see above, either. 

Ensuring owners are reminded of the franchise before and after every viewing, “Star Wars” is emblazoned across the screen when it powers up. You'll also see a First Order stormtrooper and hear the sound of a lightsaber when you turn it off. Because why not.

The… interesting telly even comes in a Star Wars themed box.

For those still reading, the telly has two HDMI ports and wi-fi access for making use of the smart portal’s catch-up TV services and Opera TV app store.

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A TV for everyone it is not, but no doubt the concept will appeal to younger Star Wars fans that have €219 to spend. As for us, we’d rather take home Toshiba's newly-announced 4K HDR OLEDs instead…

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