Sony Ericsson T700
Music mobiles are all the rage - you might need to be a certain age - and now offer a genuine alternative to carrying an MP3 player and phone. The T700 is Sony Ericsson's latest effort to convince you...

If you're a fan of music mobiles you'll want to check out our Test Express coming up in the October issue, out at the end August, pitting the iPhone against rivals from the likes of Samsung and Sony Ericsson.  In the meantime, here's another offering from Sony.

The T700 offers a 2in screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with 3 x digital zoom, and more importantly for us, some attention to sonic detail.

As well as the headphone output there's a set of stereo speakers attached complete with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music transfer.

AAC and MP3 ringtones are available while you also get track ID information, Sony's 'Play Now' technology and an FM radio.

The T700 comes with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, a USB cable for transfers and a 512MB memory stick micro card, so there's room for later expansion with a larger card.

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Available in 'early Q4', the phone is available in black on silver, black on red and shining silver colours.