Onkyo launches the world's first AV receivers with built-in ISF video calibration

Onkyo TX-NR906

The TX-SR876 pumps out 200w per channel, the TX-NR906 220w. Each comes equipped with four HDMI 1.3a inputs and two outputs, 1080p video upscaling and upconversion with HQV Reon-VX, onboard decoding for all the high-definition audio formats, three Texas Instruments Aureus 32-bit DSP chips for processing and Burr-Brown PCM1796192KHz/24-bit DACs for all channels.

Key differences on the TX-NR906 are that it has separate transformers for the audio and video stages for audio purity, is network audio capable, certified for Windows Vista, can stream audio via Ethernet and has a front-panel USB socket for connecting portable audio devices.

The TX-SR906 will be available from the beginning of September, the SR876 from mid-September. Both models will be available in silver or black.

The full technical specs are as follows:

Onkyo TX-SR876
* 7 x 200w power output
* Four HDMI v.1.3a inputs/two outputs
* Built-in 1080p video upscaling and upconversion with HQV Reon-VX
* ISF-certified Video Calibration
* THX Ultra2 Plus(tm) certified performance (including THX Loudness)
* Onboard decoder for Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD
* Three Texas Instruments Aureus(tm) 32-bit DSP chips for processing
* Advanced Burr-Brown PCM1796 192KhZ/24-bit DACs for all channels
* Parallel Push-Pull amplifier with three-stage Inverted Darlington circuitry
* Bi-amping/Bridging capability
* Three-zone capability
* Powered Zone 2 plus Zone 2/3 pre-outs
* Music Optimiser for MP3/AAC tracks
* Audyssey Dynamic EQ
* Pre-programmed remote control with mode-key LEDs
* RS-232 port plus IR input and 12v trigger
* Phono input (moving magnet)
* RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) control system

Onkyo TX-NR906 (as per TX-SR876 plus the following...)
* 7 x 220w
* Massive Toroidal Power Transformer
* Separate transformers for audio and video stages for audio purity
* Network Audio-capable, Certified for Windows Vista
* Front-panel USB for portable audio devices
* Streaming audio via Ethernet
* Solid brass bus-plate for perfect grounding/earthing
* Gold-plated A/V inputs, outputs and speaker terminals