Samsung PS50A556
Samsung has a string of new big-screen plasmas on the way, and we've just tested the PS50A656 model which is exclusive to Currys

Samsung has a habit of giving its flatscreen TVs a bewildering array of model names and numbers, and the new 5 Series is no different. There are in fact three versions of this 50in plasma, one exclusive to Comet, one exclusive to Currys and the one everyone else gets.

We've just tested the PS50A556 which is exclusively sold in Currys. Given the interest on our Forums about the new 5-, 6- and 7-Series plasmas from Samsung, we thought we'd give you our verdict on this bargain 50in screen in advance of its appearance in the September Supertest appearing in the magazine on July 24th. 

At £1350, the PS50A556 certainly offers top value for a 50in screen with Full HD, 1080p resolution and 24fps. But is it good enough to win our coveted five-star accolade? Rear our full verdict here

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