JAPAN: iPiglet II dock is anything but boaring

CAV iPiglet II

The company is perhaps better-known for higher-end valve amps and speakers, but this isn't its first foray into unusual iPod docks: its original iPiglet series includes models shaped like pandas and footballs.

But with the Beijing Olympics a distant memory, and the World Cup almost over, the new iPiglet reverts to its initial porcine form, with a slot on the rear accepting all manner of iPods and iPhones.

The 'eyes' house the speakers and the mouth lights or flashes to show when the unit is playing, muted and so on.

CAV Japan is keen for us to realise that this is more silk purse than sow's ear – by the way, you turn the volume up and down by stroking the ears – in that it uses a 9.4cm woofer with a downward-venting Airflow Jetpipe Design reflex pork port.

3.5cm main drivers with neodymium magnets and Natural Sound Field Expansion Technology are used for the left and right channels, the amplification delivers 4W to each of the main speakers, and 15W to the subwoofer.

The unit has a remote control and a 3.5mm stereo input for other portable devices, so buying it may not be one of your rasher decisions.

The iPiglet II is set to sell for around Y13,800 (just over £100), and will be available in pink or white.

And if you still don't believe us, here's the demonstration video.

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