Ixos XHE228
Only got one HDMI input on your TV? Need to plug in two HDMI components? Then check out this HDMI splitter from Ixos

If you've got an older flatscreen TV with only one HDMI input, but want to add a second source component via HDMI, then the Ixos Studio XHE220 HDMI switcher could be what you're after.

This handy little device, costing £50, connects two HDMI sources to a single input and can support HDMI 1.3a and 1080p video.

Video switching between sources is automatic and the unit is HDCP compliant. It supports 720p, 1080i and 1080p high-definition video transfer.

Ixos says the XHE228 is based on its commercial HDMI switchers and offers the same professional grade performance in a more affordable, compact package.