MS Mezzo 8
New three-way speaker sits at the top of the range

We've really liked the Mordaunt-Short Mezzo speakers we've heard so far, and now the company is adding to the range with the big Mezzo 8 floorstander, launched today at IFA in Berlin.

It's a true three-way design, using a 25mm treble driver employing the the company's Aspirated Tweeter Technology, a 13.5cm Continuous Profile Cone midrange unit and twin 16.5cm CPC bass units.

The midrange is housed in its own enclosure, keeping it free from any interference from the bass drivers, the large cabinet gives extended bass and the curved design helps make the speaker look smaller while at the same time reducing standing waves and enhancing rigidity.

Available in light oak and walnut finishes, the speakers hit the shops in the next couple of months – price information just as soon as we have it.