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It's not just vinyl that's enjoying a resurgence - now the cassette tape format is set to get a serious upgrade.

Vinyl may have been grabbing the headlines, but the cassette tape has also been riding the retro wave and seeing an increase in sales, releases and new products

Now an upgraded version of the format, HD Cassette, looks set to give a further boost to the classic audio format.

Using updated machinery and manufacturing methods, the new cassettes will offer HD sound, unchewable tape and up to 360 minutes of storage space.

The HD tapes feature Shush technology, which promises an ultra-quiet performance free from hiss and noise, as well as AntiTangle Protect, which coats the tape with a special substance that makes it less likely to get caught in your tape player.

Should you still run into trouble, a new rotating stylus, called Wind-Up, promises to quickly and easily recalibrate any loose cassette tape. 

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Set to be available in a range of new colours, HD Cassette tapes will play on any existing cassette decks but will reportedly sound best when partnered with forthcoming HD Cassette tape decks.

The new players will also benefit from improved manufacturing techniques and will come with HD sound, 4K dubbing (4000 times faster than high-speed dubbing), faster rewinding (0-60 minutes in 3 seconds) and easier to press buttons. A quadruple deck machine is also said to be in the pipeline, but reports of a new Walkman were unable to be confirmed.

The HD Cassette plans follow in the footsteps of the HD Vinyl project, which promises better sound and cheaper production from newly developed vinyl records.

For further details on HD Cassette, fast forward to the company's crowd-funding page.


super's picture

HD Cassette

April fools.Yahoo

Piotrek Stokłosa's picture

Have you forgot about D-Theater? :D

April fools... but D-Theater was real and it was a HD cassette in some ways Smile

spiny norman's picture

We're spared!

Oh well, at least it means we were spared the 'Apple is 40 today: here are ten great products from Apple history and why the next ones will be even more exciting' article, and good to see a news piece that's rather better researched than some published this week.

chrisr1718's picture

Ha ha

Weren't DAT tapes supposed to do that back in the '80s

E Vos.'s picture

 1 April, kikker in je bil !!

 1 April, kikker in je bil !! 

spiny norman's picture

And of course it's already been done!

Except that time they went for a Spanish name:

Jack86's picture

I'm sill using my casette

I'm sill using my casette player mostly to record programs from the radio - songs and conserts. If it's worth keeping I edit it to a CD. For the unchewingable tape part that would be fine for my VHS player. I'm an oldfashion guy when it comes to sound technique.

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A very amusing April Fools joke! Had me chuckling.

jchunter's picture

Anyone remember Philips/Matsushita's DCC format?

Philips/Matsushita had this idea about 25 years ago with their successor to the Compact Cassette, the Digital Compact Cassette.

Phil Spencelayh's picture

I too thought this an April fool.

It would be nice but I dont know if people are really interested enough in recording. I have a minidisk recorder and walkman, but as I understand it they have been discontinued despite being convenient and as good quality as all but the most fussy (and young eared I dont hear 20KHZ anymore) could want.