Glastonbury Festival: sweat and crop circles

You’ve already enjoyed BBC’s coverage of Glastonbury Festival and smirked at the lower rungs of radio presenters suddenly thrust on TV to communicate with members of the public caked in cow pats. If not, you can catch highlights via iPlayer and even listen to Peel broadcast from the festival in 2004 – before a stage was set up in his honour. Click here to see what you missed.

After watching as much footage as possible, I’ll say that Florence and The Machine, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Neil Young were my highlights. I went to gigs in London instead, taking a break from the festival for a year, just like the cows did in 2006 when Mr Eavis shut up shop and let the farm recover.

Debate rages over the red button though – scheduling was very odd and for some reason I ended up watching Tom Jones twice, which is something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Unless you want see just how much a man can sweat on camera.

Maybe you actually went to the festival? If so, you can’t have escaped the Sony PR stunt to plug their new XB range of headphones (review soon) and er, Mike Skinner from The Streets. Or maybe you could, as you probably didn’t arrive via helicopter. Unless you are Bruce Springsteen. Either way, here’s a photo and a video link to the three part documentary which shows how to go about making a crop circle: and that's something that iPlayer footage doesn't provide...