Gadget Show Live: Azatom launches headphones and multi-room system

The Freedom range is a family of headphones. There’s a bit of everything, from in-ear and on-ear models to wireless cans that use Bluetooth. The in-ear headphones aim to take on the multi-Award winning SoundMagic E10S.

The Azatom Freedom BDX1s, priced at £25, have dual-magnet micro drivers and metal rear casings with bass airflow ports.

Next up is the Azatom Freedom RSX. These use a patented ‘Reverse Sound Technology’, which involve facing the drivers away from the ear-drum. The aim is to create a natural ‘surround’ effect. The RSX earphones come with memory foam-filled silicone ear-tips, and cost £29.

On to bigger things, and we have the Azatom Freedom PRO HE7 and PRO BE7 headphones. These are over-ear models finished with aluminium, and both cost £55. The BE7 is the Bluetooth version, and comes equipped with AptX.

For those who switch between headphones and speakers, there is the Azatom Freedom Pro-Live HSX7. These are desktop speakers with a special headphone dock on one of the units. They function like speakers when the headphones are docked. Pick up the headphones and sound is transferred to them by Bluetooth. This system retails for £90.

Azatom also has an eye on the multi-room market, and its Stealth system is aiming to take a chunk of Sonos’ pie. The Stealth Air 2A is a Bluetooth and AirPlay speaker. The Stealth Bar AZHD1 is a soundbar with AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth, optical and 3.5mm connections.

The two can be combined into a multiroom system using the Azatom Multiroom app. The soundbar costs £189 (with an optional £80 subwoofer), while the speakers cost £150 each.

All of the products feature Azatom’s proprietary technologies, developed in the UK.

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