4K and OLED screens take the limelight, with LG and Samsung going head to head in the TVs category as they battle to be the very best.

Ultra HD TVs dominated at the What Hi-Fi? Awards this year, with all but one of the seven Award-winning TVs featuring the cutting-edge screen technology that's quickly becoming mainstream. 

For the first time in years, there isn't a single Full HD TV winning an Award. We've seen the return of the 32in screen size Award, the surge in HDR (high dynamic range) support, and more OLED screens than ever before.

Even more unusually, we have winners from the four major TV manufacturers - LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony - all offering best-in-class performances at increasingly competitive prices. 

LG and Samsung dominate the big-screen TVs, with two winners apiece in the 52-60in and 65in categories.

A decade ago, £1300 would get you a top-of-the-line 32in HD Ready screen. Today, it'll get you the excellent Samsung UE55KS7000. Part of Samsung's entry-level 4K range, this 55in screen wows us with its subtle, natural looking picture and slick streaming smarts. 

The UE65KS9000 has the distinction of being the best LCD screen we've seen this year. The stunningly crisp and detailed 4K HDR picture displays the very best of Samsung's Quantum Dot technology, and boasts impressively deep dark levels for an LCD screen, even fending off competition from Sony's flagship KD-65ZD9BU

For all that, £2500 seems almost modest for this 65in stunner.

LG OLED65E6V showcases everything we love about OLED screens

LG's OLED screens are double the cost of the Samsungs' in the same categories, but for good reason: their inky deep blacks are a thing of beauty and remain unbeatable so far. 

This year's LGs have the raised the bar sky-high, with the OLED65E6V and OLED55C6V enticing us with stronger contrast, subtler detail and lusher colours than we've seen before.

The 65in E6 is LG's crowning glory - it showcases everything we love about OLED technology, from the pitch black depths to the layers of rich hues that contrast beautifully. It even sounds good.

Samsung's bright pictures and competitive pricing will appeal to many, but it's impossible to take your eyes off the gorgeous LG OLEDs. If you've got deep pockets, they're worth every penny.

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Samsung UE49KS8000 is the Product of the Year

It's not all about big screens and big prices. The budget Sony KDL-32WD603 delights us with its HD Ready picture (yes, really), and the Panasonic TX-40DX600B shows you can get an appealing 4K (but not HDR) picture on a 40in screen for a very affordable £500. 

And last but not least, Samsung once again runs away with the biggest TV gong of the night: Product of the Year. The UE49KS8000 hits all the right spots: an expertly balanced 4K HDR picture, a smart screen size that's just shy of a big 50in, and all the streaming apps you can think of.

For £1300, Samsung has crammed in top tech into a decent-sized screen that will blow you away with its effusive, lifelike picture.

A well deserving winner.

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How u can say the ks9000 beats the zd9 is ludicrous. I read your review on stuff yesterday and how u can say the Samsung has better black levels on its edge lit 9000 when more respected reviewers say it beats samsungs very own fald set the 9500/9800 is ridiculous. U should test it again and back up your claims with some calibrated measurements. Edge lit, less blooming, better blacks than a fald. Lol.