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M&K 950-Series review

M&Ks 950-Series speakers are small enough to fade into the background but they are sonically thrilling, proving size doesn't matter when it comes to e Tested at £5445.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

An exceptional system. The main speakers are small enough to fade into the background, but sonically, this package is no shrinking violet


  • Thrilling sound, with exceptional speed, power and punch
  • integration between front and rear


  • Less-than-sultry styling
  • not every listener will relish the stereo presentation

The THX Select 2 approved 950 system employs the sub-sat configuration commonly associated with style-orientated speakers.

But in every sense the M&K exists on a whole other level. It uses small speakers, but this is a system able to fill a big room with accurate, energetic sound.

The cost can come down…
This system uses the 400W MX-350THX sub (£2195 of the cost) with two 30cm drive units in push-pull configuration. A £1595, 250W sub, the MX-250, is also available. The front three LCR950s are sealed-box enclosures – £700 each in piano black, £580 in satin finish.

And the £1150 SUR95T rear speakers feature M&K's tripolar arrangement, with sound fired in three directions for wide dispersion and proper imaging. Forgo the piano finish, and they'll set you back £995 a pair.

But this system justifies its cost with excellent sound. It combines razor-sharp detail with a controlled top end and quite formidable speed.

Razor-sharp detail
Every detail of The Hurt Locker's fearsome firefight is captured intact, while the surround steering in The Dark Knight is wonderful: the SUR95Ts knit together the front and back of the soundfield much more convincingly than conventional speakers.

Music is equally effective, if a little forthright for some tastes.

Then there's the power. 2012's explosions are truly thrilling on this system: the MX-350THX stomps through explosions that leave other packages reeling, powering out extraordinary depth, slam and speed, yet integration between speakers and subwoofer is amazingly cohesive, too.

Even in basic finish and with its less-powerful sub option, this package costs £4330. But it's so good, it demands your attention.

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