• Mission MX2
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Dynamic and exciting, but the Mission are bruisers in more than looks
A large-scale, vigorous listen
exciting low-end muscularity
Lacks the refinement and precision of the best speakers on test
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Standmounters they may be, but compact they certainly aren’t. Mission’s MX2s fit just above the Award-winning MX1s in the company’s MX range, and at first glance they seem worth the extra £50 in raw materials alone.

In our test room, the MX2s were happiest in a little free space, rather than hard against a rear wall (as Mission advises), and sound their best when biwired (an unusual option at this price level).

They also sound most effective with the grilles in place, something else that puts them at odds with the other speakers in this class.

Anyone familiar with the sound of the smaller MX1s will immediately feel at home with the MX2s. They dig pretty deep and hit respectably hard – and low frequencies start and stop promptly, so bass doesn’t overhang or undermine.

Open and expansiveThe soundstage they present is open and expansive, with good focus and separation. The midrange is nicely resolved, the vocal in Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago loaded with detail and character, while the top end has ample sparkle and bite.  

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The big gains here over the MX1s are fundamentally in terms of scale – the MX2s are simply a bigger listen.

In terms of insight and refinement, there’s been little gain. This lack of advancement is shown up by the formidable opposition at this higher price level.

Which makes the MX2s a bit of a one-trick pony – and if your needs extend beyond simple excitement, the Missions can be bettered.

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Mission MX2
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